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Paddling upstream can be tiring. The reason for doing so on purpose is
quite a mystery when simply breeding to standard would solve so many
issues and frustrations,  

Because changing the standard to include the DQ colors involves more
than just color, there are no plans to change the standard in this manner in
any foreseeable future. A change to include DQ Colors would involve  a
change in expression, including nose color and eye color. The elements
that make up a Boston's expression and type is over 50% of the entire
standard, if we were to measure this change by the points awarded in the
show ring by a judge.

There are a handful of breeders of DQ Colored Bostons who are striving to
do the right thing by their breeding program and by the puppies they

  • They health test prior to breeding, including but not limited to CERF,
    BAER, JHC and Patella's.
  • They offer a responsible guarantee on their puppies for hereditary
    and congenital conditions.
  • They offer a return home clause on any puppies placed.
  • They place any pet puppies on spay / neuter contracts.
  • They are very selective in placing any puppies on full registration.
  • They do not produce puppies in volume but selectively, based upon
    their own goals for their breeding program.
  • They constantly seek to learn about correct conformation and type,
    always working towards improvement of the quality of their dogs.
This type of dedication is of great value to the breed, should they
focus on the written standard.  There have been breeders of DQ
Colored Bostons who have decided to move away from
non-standard Bostons and move up to the next level in their
breeding program by breeding and showing to the standard.  
There are obstacles to overcome but so far many of these
breeders have already proven that they were not afraid of the
challenge of dealing in the world of DQ Colored Bostons, so the
challenge of moving up to legitimate AKC shows and breeding to
standard did not scare them away.

There are some breeders who say they "breed both standard
and non-standard Bostons". There is no such thing. A breeder of
DQ colors may also own some standard colors and breed them
to standard colored dogs, but that does not mean they "breed to
standard" if they are still practicing breeding
against it. Either
you follow the standard or you don't. One cannot have it both

Due to some deceptive practices by a few DQ Color breeders
over the years, there are many traditional breeders and would-be
mentors who are "gun shy" in offering assistance to someone
changing over their program to follow the written standard.  This
is understandable, but there are also breeders who are willing to
take a chance on someone who is
genuine in their ambitions.

It's a thrill to compete in a large class at an AKC show that is full
of high quality Bostons. It's a thrill to compete in a Specialty, and
a thrill to compete at a National show. A breeder of DQ Colored
Bostons is unable to compete at this level with their colored dogs
and unfortunately will never get to know that thrill. Attempts to
show colored Bostons are usually met with a loss of entry fees,
being excused from the ring, and a whole lot of embarrassment.
It is the opinion of the author/admin of this website, that the dedication to the Boston breed outlined in the bullet
points above, should be welcomed with open arms and not shunned because of their past breeding choices.  It's all
a big learning process and dedicating their breeding goals to a program that only follows the standard is just a step
in that process for some. There are MANY experienced and knowledgeable breeders who would be happy to help
any breeder who SINCERELY wanted to take their goals to the next level.